I've the ability to edit and create content that is direct, clear, and flows;  conveying the heart and voice of the author or business succinctly.

About Me

HOMETOWN: Staten Island
FAVORITE HOBBY: Reading & Cooking
FAVORITE GENRE: Literary/Suspense
FAVORITE WRITER: Zora Neal Hurston
FAVORITE PLACE: Martha's Vineyard
FAVORITE SCENT: Neroli & Ylang Ylang

QUIRKY OBSESSION: ​All Things Jimmy Choo

There are a plan and a purpose for each one of our lives. Sometimes we don't get the memo right away because we are too busy with life and all of the punches and curve balls it sometimes brings our way. That's okay, however. Those life hiccups only bring us closer to where we belong. Where God has ordained for our life all along. Does it hurt? Yes. It certainly does at times. Does it make any sense? Unfortunately, no. Not all the time. But that's just a part of life and growing up.

Do not waste your energy or time comparing yourself to anyone else. Comparison will rob you of joy and peace. Love who you are at every moment. You don't have to like it, or you! But you must learn to love yourself. Because in life, sometimes we will only have ourselves and God looking over us, and we must decide: Are we going to see and say what God says concerning us? Or, are we going to listen to the enemy of our souls? Who has been labeled the father of lies and of smoke and mirrors?

Believing what God says about you trumps all other opinions. You just have to tell your heart and spirit to remember that when the sometimes storms of life come your way.

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I am an author, editor, copywriter, consultant, and business owner.

I excel at motivating and inspiring clients to see the bigger picture; creating a comprehensive and successful plan of action. For individuals, groups, small businesses, and organizations.

When you need to begin your week with inspiration and motivation, visit my weekly Blog and Devotional! Tell Me Where You Hurt. I believe in nurturing the soul and spirit, as well as the body.


What I know for certain...


There is nothing I am more enamored with, than writing. Whether it is fiction or nonfiction. Or, crafting an ad or public relations piece, or writing a heartfelt and honest letter of intent on behalf of a charity. Writing is my passion. It is where my soul resides. The ability to craft a story and have the characters come to life is an amazing feeling. The powerful way to convey—through pen and paper—your heart's thoughts and what you may be thinking on any given subject, is exhilarating. 

In the midst of my writing, editing and copywriting duties, I am an entrepreneur; owning a small press publishing company and consulting boutique (JohnRue™ Publications). I am also the owner of RueFox™ Inc.—a conglomerate of several small businesses.

One of my greatest joys, in addition to my other duties, is consulting. It is my position to teach and develop great minds to do great things. I was recently nominated and accepted the 2017 position of a Board of Governor with the prestigious, National Association of NonProfits and Executives (NANOE) for my Consulting and Executive work with the nonprofit organization, #SurpriseTheStruggling, Inc.


Ruthe McDonald

I'm well-versed in copywriting for all print mediums and web, for individuals, small businesses, and non profits.

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